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The main objective of the Marinnor is the customer needs and requirements. The variety of multipurpose and economic plans have been successfully performed through the novel plans of the Marinnor experts which are in great agreement with the customer needs and requirements. Our experts try to not only find the best way but also consult the customers to achieve a better understanding of their needs.


Marinnor hold a professional training program to prepare: the vessel crew for improving the quality of use and also, maintenance group to increase the vessel uptime. In this way, several training courses including: vessel familiarization, sailing, maneuvering, navigation, communication, safety, fire-fighting, maintenance and etc. are instructed by Marinnor experts to help the customers to reduce the operational costs.


Our management consulting services bring deep, functional expertise and focus on our customer’s most critical needs and opportunities including:

  • Project definition based on a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and possibilities
  • Investment strategy and economic justification
  • Optimal resource management regarding the location of the operational site of vessels and environmental considerations


Marinnor present a wide category of support services including:

  • Handing over procedure which gives confidence to the customer in delivering the vessel and training the crew
  • After-sales services regarding extensive warranty support. Note that the warranty expiration can be extended according to the agreements. In case of problem arising, Marinnor has an efficient procedure to detect the cause of the problem and to solve it as soon as possible.
  • Online troubleshooting which lets the customer to report a problem and then, dedicated service manager will effectively guide the customer to fix the problem, remotely.
  • Instruction manual which contains all operational, functional and maintenance instructions required.
  • Spare parts which can be ordered by customers and our supplier network will provide and deliver them right spare parts in short response time.
  • Maintenance required services out of warranty terms and conditions can also be performed by Marinnor service management after making new agreements


Maintenance services help customers to keep vessels operational as long as possible and minimize operational costs based on the wide experience and valuable knowledges obtained from previous successful projects. Maintenance service management provides customers with:

  • Maintenance manual
  • Documentation of onboard systems
  • Instruction manual for all unites and equipment
  • Spare parts and components


Address: Cennetoğlu Mah.Yeşillik Cad – No.230/514 35110 – Karabağlar-izmir Türkiye
Phone: +90-23 2237 7778
Email: [email protected]

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