Scavenger vessel

This text concerns itself with the topic of scavenger vessel that which is one of the most important marine vehicles. Scavenger vessel is designed with the aim of cleaning the surface of sea. Over the surface of sea, the volume of pollutions is rising up as a result it is necessary to provide cleaner equipment. This summery presents scavenger vessel.

What is scavenger vessel?

Marine vessels can be categorized to environmental boats and vessels which are responsible for eliminating contamination of rivers, sea and coastal areas. Such vessels also remove the physical pollutions and chemical pollution. Wheel house of scavenger boats usually is located in the rear side of the boat so as to become more dominated on vessel. Function of scavenger vessels are different depend on what they do.

Different types of scavenger vessels

Considering their working abilities, scavenger boats can be classified into two groups, as they remove two different types of pollution known as, contaminations and trashes. Plastic bottles and objects, metal pieces, debris of ships and boats and any other trashes and physical contamination are just a few examples of the pollutions. Second type of scavengers are those which can control and decontaminate chemical pollution like oil pollution. It is very important for environmental activities to constantly clean rivers and coastal areas of chemical contamination.

Scavenger vessel

How a scavenger vessel works

Scavenger vessels’ function is determined based on its designing purpose and type. As it was previously mentioned, scavenger boats can be classified into two groups.

First type of the vessel removes the physical contamination have a gate in front of their bodies. They open gate and allow water to come in a space that have a filter. The filter that is in that area allow water to cross but it keeps trashes. These trashes stay in area and finally they transfer to a tank there is back of the filter. By transferring trashes, area would be empty and gate will be opened and this process will persistently continue until cleaning the whole surface.

Second type of scavenger vessel is that one which can remove and control chemical pollution. This vessel greatly demonstrates a cleaning function! Oil pollution collected on the sea surface is one of the most common pollutions. Crude oil includes H2S and this chemical component is very harmful! So we have to remove this dangerous hydrogen sulfide. To achieve this goal, scavenger vessels spray a liquid on water and it would neutralizes hydrogen sulfide! There is different types of Oil Spill Recovery and this method known as Dispersant spray system.

Totally, scavenger vessels have different performances, as they improve water quality by reducing and eliminating bacteria and viruses, raising oxygen level, controlling algae growth, improving water clarity and eliminating nasty odors.

A scavenger vessel must be greatly stable. Body of scavenger vessels are very stable and this specification makes a catamaran vessel much more qualified than other types of vessel. Scavenger is a low speed and simple vessel and thus its specification matches a catamaran body in addition a scavenger vessel produced by simple catamaran do not need a powerful engine.


Navigation area of scavenger vessels

Scavenger vessels have a low draft so they can act in shallow waters. So as to provide more details, scavenger vessels can be used for rivers and coastal areas and ports. These vessels can only be use in force 1. Because of sea condition and waves they can’t be used in high seas. So we can use scavenger vessels in ports and coastal areas because they have stagnant water and usually there is considerable level of pollution and we can use scavengers to remove theme and improve the quality of water.

Speed of scavenger vessel

Totally they are low speed boats! When they are decontaminating they can move by lower than 4 knot and when they aren’t decontaminating and just are crossing in water they can have up to 10 knot speed. This level of speed is not a weakness! Because scavenger vessels have to decontaminate water, if they cross fast, they can’t do their job meticulous!


Marinnor aimed to design and produce any type of scavenger vessels. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in order to arrange your own vessel that which is exactly design ad fit with your working requirements.

Marinnor Scavenger Vessel

8m Scavenger Vessel

Hull Material: Marine Aluminum 5083

Length O.A: 8 m

Beam O.A: 2.5 m

Max. Draft: 0.3 m

Main Engines: 1x 55hp Diesel

Scavenger vessel

8m Scavenger vessel and Oil Recovery

Hull Material: Marine Aluminum

Length O.A: 8 m

Beam O.A: 2.5 m

Max. Draft:0.3 m

Main Engines: 1x 75hp Diesel


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