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The basis of Marinnor’s innovation policy is aligned with customer requirements, we evaluate related issues, with an innovative and scientific approach.

The innovative attitude of Marinnor has been established as creativity which will use for fulfilment of customer requirements.

Marinnor with a modern approach will evaluate technical aspect of each project with a creative and scientific point of view and will use the results to improve customer satisfaction


R&D Team

The R&D team is the most important part of the company that provides all scientific key points and skills required to meet the customer needs. Regarding the importance of this team, R&D is an independent department which covers a wide range of researches from market analysis studies to new product designs based on the customer needs. We are fortunate to have professional team members with extensive experience on the innovative design and modeling the various types of vessels.

On the other hand, the R&D team is actively collaborating with colleagues and related industries to help them for solving issues and improving the quality of designs and productions. Moreover, Marinnor has a deep relationship with institutes and universities to benefit from their experiences and knowledges in various aspects of design and construction process. Additionally, Marinnor has a brilliant history of supporting students for performing the researches interested for the company.

Supporting innovative ideas

To be successful you should have innovative ideas and apply them in your works. The best way to obtain the new ideas is the simplest one: listen carefully to the customers to understand their needs and cooperate with researchers, independent research organizations and universities in the field of shipbuilding and design to bring new ideas and make pioneer designs. In this way, we encourage the engineers, designers, students and researchers who have new ideas to communicate with us. We are ready to offer them a collaboration and provide them a motivated environment and also a well-equipped shipyards and facilities for turning their creative ideas into products. It is one of the main objectives of our R&D team.


Innovation Process

Marinnor creativity process has been shaped based on up to date studies of the last relative articles universities accomplishments, and executive experiences of Marinnor experts with respect to customers feedback for fulfilment of customer requirements.

Processing and evaluation of today and future requirements of customers will shape the POGs (product opportunity gap) of Marinnor, preliminary ideas shaped based on this POG will analysis by use of the last simulators technologies and the most powerful processing computers.

Novel design

An innovative vision is applied in the field of designing crew boats, workboats, service boats, passenger and tourist boats to achieve high performance vessels with special advantages such as sailing in high sea state with appropriate stability. In addition, the novel vision used in R&D team of the Marinnor leads to the design and construction of highly-functional vessels beyond the customers expects.

Renewable Energy


As a requirement of modern technology, the R&D team have focused on vanishing or reducing the consumption of fossil energy and replacing it with the renewable type of energy. Based on this approach, the design and construction of tourist boats are performed to use solar energy source.


Best Project

Fish farming service vessels

Nowadays, fish farming industry is known as an innovative strategy for promoting food security and food production. Hence, the vast recent development of this industry makes it essential to investigate and design appropriate vessels needed for this industry. This novel target together with innovative solutions are considered in R&D team specially for the purposes such as:

  • Installing fish farms
  • Cage and net services
  • The transport of larvae to the fish farm and live fish from the farm to the port
  • The transport of crew and equipment

marinnor-fish farming

On the other hand, cost reduction strategy for vessels, sea installations and services are achieved by introducing multipurpose vessels and implementing new service procedures which lead to many successful projects and products based on state-of-the-art planning of the R&D team.


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