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Marinnor is an innovating designer and manufacturer of aluminum and steel light vessel in south Europe. Company is located in Izmir turkey that is established based on experts who have experience in the field of design, manufacture and maintenance of vessels in international shipyards.

Marinnor offers supplying and production marine equipment in addition to design, construction, and production and after sales services.

The Marinnor with the several number of facilities and service centers for covering the Middle East, CIS, north Africa and south Europe is capable of providing economical shipbuilding services based on customer needs.

According to the great experience of shipbuilding projects in Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea regions, the company is ready for carrying out the most parts of vessel construction procedure and after sales services in local shipyards regarding the policy of reducing construction costs.

Mission & Vision

Our innovation is your solution. We design and manufacture based on the value that is respect to customer’s requirement and satisfaction and harmonize it with standards and international rules and regulation.

We aim to create a lasting value in the shipbuilding industry which is respecting the customer’s requirements. We want to achieve this value not only for Marinnor, but also for all shipbuilding.

How We Work

Marinnor design and manufacture all type of light vessel, such as passenger boats, pilot, search and rescue boats and work boats like tugboats, multicats, fishing service vessels, scavengers and etcetera. We offer different kind of aluminum & steel vessel in different sizes. Our high experienced team with UCD (User Centered Design) approach are able to design and manufacture various type of vessel and equipment project from A to Z.

Marinnor Standards

Marinnor has defined a standard according to international standards, rules and regulations that is based on the most important value, namely respect to the customer’s satisfaction.

The marinnor’s standards allow choosing an optimal point for delivering the customer’s request in the shortest possible time and at the most affordable price. This standard available in our yard practice booklet.


Address: Cennetoğlu Mah.Yeşillik Cad – No.230/514 35110 – Karabağlar-izmir Türkiye
Phone: +90-23 2237 7778
Email: [email protected]

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