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About Marinnor

Marinnor shipbuilding company is an innovating designer and manufacturer of aluminum and steel light vessel in south Europe. Company is located in Izmir turkey that is established based on experts who have experience in the field of design, manufacture and maintenance of vessels in international shipyards.Marinnor offers supplying and production marine equipment in addition to design, construction, and production and after sales services.The Marinnor with the several number of facilities and service centers for covering the Middle East, CIS, north Africa and south Europe is capable of providing economical shipbuilding services based on customer needs. According to the great experience of shipbuilding projects in Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea regions, the company is ready for carrying out the most parts of vessel construction procedure and after sales services in local shipyards regarding the policy of reducing construction costs.

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With the exploitation from different teams of experts including the experienced specialists in design, project management, construction, equipment and after sales services we would be capable to deliver the job based on the best practical experience of the global shipyards to the customers within Marinnor services.


The R&D department of Marinnor focuses on the customer needs and has a special vision on multi-purpose design approach to optimize the costs and improve the performance of the vessels.


Comparative price and construction time together with efficient usage of Marinnor shipyards facilities in several regions of the world, will reduce the transport and delivery costs and will make the after-sales services more efficient for customers.

R&D Team

The R&D team is the most important part of the company that provides all scientific key points and skills required to meet the customer needs. Regarding the importance of this team, R&D is an independent department which covers a wide range of researches from market analysis studies to new product designs based on the customer needs. We are fortunate to have professional team members with extensive experience on the innovative design and modeling the various types of vessels.

Innovation Process

Marinnor creativity process has been shaped based on up to date studies of the last relative articles universities accomplishments, and executive experiences of Marinnor experts with respect to customers feedback for fulfilment of customer requirements. Processing and evaluation of today and future requirements of customers will shape the POGs (product opportunity gap) of Marinnor, preliminary ideas shaped based on this POG will analysis by use of the last simulators technologies and the most powerful processing computers.

Best Projects

Nowadays, in Marinnor company we have focused on aquaculture, transportation vessels and environmental improvment projects. Our R&D team is just trying to give better ideas and also improve our solutions and methods. On the other hand, cost reduction strategy for vessels, sea installations and services are achieved by introducing multipurpose vessels and implementing new service procedures which lead to many successful projects and products based on state-of-the-art planning of the R&D team.


Address: Cennetoğlu Mah.Yeşillik Cad – No.230/514 35110 – Karabağlar-izmir Türkiye
Phone: +90-23 2237 7778
Email: [email protected]

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